My journey is an expedition into maturation and self-improvement, involving aspects like communication, assertiveness and emotions management, skills that one day I started working on, in order to become a better person and a better professional in my career. I find important building tools to face those unexpected situations that test our maturity and diminish self-esteem and respect we deserve, tools that must allow each of us resolve such situations, keeping in mind also the respect that the others always deserve.

In this space I want to share my experiences and learning, hoping you find value on it and even helpful, while learning myself from any comment or feedback you want to leave on the topic. I do hope that you find this section interesting. Thanks for reading me!


Stop torturing yourself

1 March 2018|0 Comments

If someone asks me which is the book that has impacted most in my life, without hesitation I’ll answer Rafael Santandreu’s 'The art of not making yourself miserable'. At this stage of my journey I was doing some changes, but I was feeling there was something that was not improving as I expected.

The best defence is not an offence

26 November 2017|1 Comment

The philosophy of this art of Budo is beyond protecting oneself and controlling the techniques. There are important principles that define aikido and can be applied to your life, to your business and your relationships. I want to talk about 4 of them.

The importance of embracing feedback

27 May 2017|0 Comments

I've learned a lot from listening actively to feedback and opinions, learning to identify the good one, and how to react to the one not being that positive and constructive. Difficult in the beginning not to overreact sometimes, but the more I was experiencing, the more skilled I’ve become. As with many things, it’s just a matter of practice. So what defines good feedback? And more important, how to receive it regardless of the type of opinion we are getting?

The importance of saying ‘no’

4 March 2017|2 Comments

The next step in my journey was learning to say ‘no’, and learning how to deal with the conflicts that sometimes would arise with some people that wouldn’t understand (or wouldn’t want to understand) the reasons behind. This new “area of exploration” started due to a problem that suddenly arose a few years ago while working in another company: sleeplessness due to stress.


Public speaking

17 October 2015|0 Comments

Recently I discovered the Toastmasters clubs, where members grow their communication skills through practice during the regular meetings, where there is not just time for the speeches but also, and more important, for constructive feedback and learning tips.

Effective meetings

24 September 2014|0 Comments

Meetings are necessary but might stop being effective and turn to be a waste of time, ending having meeting after meeting without time enough to prepare next one or execute the actions agreed in previous ones. From my experience, I leave here some advises and impressions.

Disconnect to connect

19 August 2012|1 Comment

After a week on holidays and full disconnection, tomorrow is time to go back to office. Short before starting them I read in Barrapunto that over the half of workers assume that they will be working during their holidays. Nothing unusual for me as well, as many times I have been myself in that circumstance, checking corporate email now and then.

Kanban in SysOps (I)

15 March 2012|0 Comments

At the end of this first day, we have a dashboard where to discuss and agree on the tasks to be done during the day, set agreed priorities, track status of each task and adjust the plan to see if we can complete with the commitments for the whole week, or if we have any showstopper/issue that might require someone else to be engaged.


2604 2018

AWS Pop-Up Loft 2018 Dublin: my notes

26 April 2018|0 Comments

Notes collected during AWS Pop-Up Loft 2018 Dublin, and from the two sessions related to AWS Lambda I attended (and some links I’ve found after on the topics), for my own future reference.

611 2017

Working with my MAC

6 November 2017|0 Comments

These last years I have embraced a MacBook as my working tool, which required some post-install actions in order to have it ready for my work. Just saving here for my future reference my customization.

2202 2017

Docker: my cheat sheet

22 February 2017|0 Comments

My Docker study notes, collected from different sources while I have been studying the service. Please always verify official (and updated) documentation, use this post at your own risk. Last updated: 22/Feb/2017

2407 2016

AWS DynamoDB: my study notes

24 July 2016|0 Comments

My notes regarding AWS DynamoDB, collected from different sources as I have been studying the service. Last updated: 23/July/2016