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IT systems administrator that one day discovered that to grow professionally it was not enough to have solid technical skills, but also be proficient in organization, communication, and have a good understanding of emotions and human behavior. Besides cloud technologies, also passionate about writing, roller skating and gardening.

Happiness and our social context

Listening oneself and realizing of own moans and mind obsessions is a first big step. Willing to change it and to be a better person, in order to achieve internal peace and happiness, it's a second step. But is this happiness independent of rest of the world?

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Effective meetings

Meetings are necessary but might stop being effective and turn to be a waste of time, ending having meeting after meeting without time enough to prepare next one or execute the actions agreed in previous ones. From my experience, I leave here some advises and impressions.

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Disco duro: IDE, SATA o SSD?

Llevo días que el disco duro del PC me empieza a hacer un poco el tonto, así que antes que me de un susto hoy he ido a comprar dos discos duros. ¿Y porqué dos? Pues uno SSD como disco de arranque para que el ordenador vaya más rápido y uno SATA grande para almacenar datos.

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Backup: DVD, Blu-ray o disco duro?

Hace poco a un amigo se le estropeó el disco duro. Al ir a recuperar los datos de las copias que de forma sistemática había ido haciendo durante tiempo en DVDs, cuál fue su sorpresa al empezar a encontrarse DVDs que no eran leídos por ninguna lectora, perdiendo de forma permanente esos datos. ¿Son fiables los DVDs y Blu-ray?

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The art of being yourself

Finally I have recovered my self-esteem, I've broken self-made masks built to please others, I've found myself. So simple when now I've realised, but at the same time, how difficult and complex to reach this stage! Not an easy journey, with lots of introspection, listening, and continuous hard work to finally consolidate the new tools, with lots of trial and error.

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Split en ficheros pequeños

Dada la necesidad de mandar ficheros en packs de 1Gbyte (aprox.) un comando que se puede usar es el split junto con el tar/gtar. Más detalles en el post Split Files using tar ,gz,zip or bzip2. root@server:/data-> cat /usr/sfw/bin/gtar cz ../to_send/ | split -b 1000m - backup_to_send.tar.gz  

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Get out of your comfort zone!

There is nothing as burdensome as the fear of ridicule, fear to fail and to what others will say of our naive dreams, fears that stop us from making our dreams come true. It's never late to start changing this, and despite the steps back and some falls, every step in any way allows to gain security, even from the mistakes.

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Change to be happy

We need to learn to love us just the way we are, acknowledging our virtues and defects. But at some point, we should learn also to find out which are those burdens that give us pain and moves us further away from happiness. Because there are defects and patterns that hurt us and probably those around us. These are the ones we need to know, and take a step forward and start working on them.

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Oracle: métricas interesantes

La siguiente recopilación de parámetros llegó a mis manos no sé muy bien de donde (lo tenía en un papel). Lo publico a continuación como referencia mía para el futuro, por si lo necesito. En cualquier caso esto NO es documentación oficial de Oracle y puede contener inexactitudes. Calidad y volumen del SQL ejecutado sessions: [...]

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Disconnect to connect

After a week on holidays and full disconnection, tomorrow is time to go back to office. Short before starting them I read in Barrapunto that over the half of workers assume that they will be working during their holidays. Nothing unusual for me as well, as many times I have been myself in that circumstance, checking corporate email now and then.

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